Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Becoming an Aunt

I'm just going to dive right in to my Blog, hopefully you will learn more about me as I continue to share my True thoughts and feelings on life as a Southern Sass.
Yesterday I became an Aunt. I didn't think my little sister having a baby would effect me in such a huge way so quickly. First of all, I mean, I didn't have the baby and second of all, he's 5lbs at the moment so how can something soooo tiny really effect someone so "big?"
I think the answer lies somewhere between being raised in a Southern family and being a female. In the South we seem to "take care of our own." By that I mean we stick up for one another and protect one another and love one another UNCONDITIONALLY, well--for basically EVER plus a few years! haha! Like I said, some of what I'm feeling maybe swayed by the fact that I'm a woman and I just watched my baby sister give birth for the first time. The feeling is indescribable, yes, as some might say, but it's also quite describable.
Somewhere between all of the beauty pageants ( yes- I said BEAUTY pageants), Cheer leading pratices, slumber parties, and sorority parties- my little sister grew up and became a woman. Not only a woman, but a Mother. How did this happen? How was I not able to see all of my sister's traits that I find, well- rather annoying- be traits that have made into this amazing mother that I saw give birth, feed, and change her first born today?
Abbey's annoying "traits" are only annoying to me because I can NOT do them or have them! For example: I'm pretty sure she could really lose weight on the Paula Dean Diet ( she's obsessed with PD), or she can hand paint a replica of Dr. Seuss for her nursery wall art without a blink of an eye, or she can make a stubborn man like my brother-in-law complete a chore at her command without even making him think he's doing a "chore" for her. But the Best one is how she make ME feel like I'm the Little Sister without making me feel-stupid. I have not given birth and have always said I do not want to! I would rather have dogs, lock them outside in the yard
for a few hours while I run errands, then have to "lug" a crying baby and their stroller around town! But that's Me- Abbey on the other hand was always playing dress up with the dogs. I would be taking the dogs hunting with my Dad at 4am while Abbey slept in like a Princess and baked muffins for breakfast. I mean I can not describe to you my lack of ability to COOK! ( Another one of Abbey's 'traits' that drives me crazy!) The girl can cook something magnificent out of nothing! Anyways...
Abbey and I are "thicker than thick" meaning , yes, we might have our days that we want to scream at each other so loud that we are thankful we do not live close enough for neighbors to hear us...but most of the time the days are filled with laughter and Gossip and "discussion"over whose going to "get" Mom one day when we are older. But when it comes down to it...DO NOT mess with us! I remember when Abbey was in the 3rd grade her nickname was "flabby abbey" and a bully on our bus ( a -boy- mind you) kept yelling "flabby abbey, flabby abbey..."---Look, I CAN call her flabby abbey- I mean for God sakes, she is MY sister--but that boy had another thing coming if he thought I was going to let HIM call her that! Needless to say...I got in trouble by my bus driver ( probably the only time ever) but I did "handle" the situation between that bully and him calling my sister flabby. The point is---I'm scared! I'm scared that even though Eli is a BOY and will probably be the little bully ( well I hope not ) on the bus, I'm scared I won't be there to protect him from the "bully's" of life. I know this may sound strange for an Aunt to want to protect her nephew to such an extreme because isn't that the parents job? But, what can I say? It's something about being raised in a family where BLOOD is thicker than anything. "Family will always be there." --I have heard that quote spoken by my parent's so many times...the fact is, they are so incredibly right!
What I do not understand is how people today no longer think like this? How has it started becoming a part of our society that we are so selfish that we don't even think about our families needs before our own? Maybe your thinking I'm crazy for thinking about my nephew in the same light as I would almost think of my own child, if I had one...but I don't.
Eli I will protect you from as many "bully's" as I can in life, but remember there are always gunna be bully's and heart breaks and hard times...BUT "Family will ALWAYS be there(for you)."
Aunt Amanda